Cauliflower Fritters

Cheesy, delicious cauliflower fritters

Preparation Time: 40 minutes.
Serves: 22
Energy: 45 kcal per serving.



- 500 gr.18 oz. Cauliflower
- 2 qty. Egg
- 1 qty. Parsley Cup Nicely Chopped
- 2 qty. Dill Tablespoon Nicely Chopped
- 1 qty. Red Pepper Nicely Chopped
- 1 qty. Salt Teaspoon
- 0.5 qty. Black Pepper Teaspoon
- 0.5 qty. Garlic Powder Teaspoon
- 50 gr.2 oz. Cheddar Cheese Grated
- 4 qty. Flour Tablespoon
- 10 gr.0.5 oz. Vegetable Oil For Frying About Two Tablespoons


1. Add cauliflower florets into your food processor and pulse until tiny crumbs.
2. Transfer them into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle one teaspoon salt, stir and let it wait about 5 minutes.
3. Squeeze out liquid from cauliflower crumbs with your hands and place them in a mixing bowl.
4. Add eggs, one pinch salt, pepper, garlic powder, nicely chopped red bell pepper, grated cheddar and mix.
5. Add flour step by step and mix with a spoon. If it is too sticky you can add some more flour.
6. Add oil to a large non-stick pan over medium heat. Scoop one tablespoon mixture into the pan and press it into rounds. (I cooked 4 fritters at a time) Cook 2-3 minutes one side of the fritters and flip them and cook 2-3 minutes again until golden brown.
7. Transfer fritters to a paper towel lined plate. Serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce.

Footnote: Instead of garlic powder you can use one clove minced garlic. I use white cheddar cheese, you can replace it with feta or mozzarella. This recipe can be baked also, just prepare a baking pan covered with parchment paper and place fritters. Lightly grease them with a spray oil and bake about 15 minutes in preheated oven at 200 C390 F.
Tips: You should squeeze cauliflowers as good as possible. You can add some more flours if necessary. Cook over low-medium heat.
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