Creamy Zucchini Carrot Soup

Creamy zucchini, carrot soup with fresh dill

Preparation Time: 35 minutes.
Serves: 6
Energy: 66 kcal per serving.



- 1 qty. Zucchini Large Size
- 1 qty. Carrot Large Size
- 2 qty. Olive Oil Tablespoon
- 1 qty. Flour Tablespoon
- 1 qty. Salt Teaspoon
- 4 qty. Dill Tablespoon Fresh Dill, Washed and Chopped
- 200 ml.6.5 fl. oz. Milk
- 600 ml.20 fl. oz. Water


1. Wash carrot and zucchini and trim the ends. Grate carrots first and transfer to the medium size pot. Add 3 tablespoons oil and over medium heat, cook for 3-4 minutes.
2. Meantime grate zucchini (you can also use food processor having a grating blade attachment) and transfer it to the pot.
3. Add salt and stir, cook for 4-5 minutes more until zucchini and carrots become soft and tender.
4. Add flour and stir, cook for 1-2 minutes.
5. Add milk and water, stir quickly and cook until simmer by stirring time to time.
6. After it boils, cook for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. Add washed and chopped fresh dill and stir.
7. Serve warm.

Footnote: You can add grated sweet potato or potato in this recipe, it will be also so delicious. Instead of dill, you can use fresh parsley or fresh coriander. If you are not vegan, you can replace some of the water with chicken broth.
Tips: Don't forget to stir soup until it boils. I like this soup with zucchini and carrot bites in it, but you can puree it before serving with a stick hand blender and add fresh dill and serve. If you are vegan, instead of milk, use coconut or soy milk.
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