Artichoke Heart with Fava Beans

Artichoke hearts with fava beans, cooked in extra virgin olive oil

Preparation Time: 50 minutes.
Serves: 5
Energy: 116 kcal per serving.



- 1 qty. Onion Diced
- 3 qty. Olive Oil Tablespoon
- 300 gr.10.5 oz. Fava Beans
- 5 qty. Artichoke Heart Medium Size
- 1 qty. Lemon Juice of 1 Lemon
- 1 qty. Salt Teaspoon
- 400 ml.13.5 fl. oz. Water Hot
- 2 qty. Dill Tablespoon Fresh Dill


1. Take a large pot, add olive oil and onion and cook until tender.
2. Add fava beans and cook for 2 minutes by stirring constantly.
3. Place artichokes over the beans.
4. Pour lemon juice over the artichokes, add salt and hot water.
5. Cook until all beans and artichoke hearts softened.
6. Take away from heat and set aside.
7. Wait at least 30 minutes before serving.
8. Take artichoke hearts into serving plate and share bean mixture over them, sprinkle some dill. Serve cold.

Footnote: Use extra virgin olive oil in this recipe. Serve cold as a side dish or meze.
Tips: Cook over low heat, check time to time with a fork. If it needs, add some more boiled water.
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