Healthy Red Velvet Pancakes

Healthy, no artificial colorings, beet-root pancakes

Preparation Time: 40 minutes.
Serves: 9
Energy: 126 kcal per serving.



- 200 gr.7 oz. Beet-Root Puree
- 2 qty. Egg
- 50 ml.1.5 fl. oz. Milk
- 2 qty. Olive Oil Tablespoon
- 160 gr.5.5 oz. Flour
- 2 qty. Baking Powder Teaspoon
- 1 qty. Vanilla Extract Teaspoon
- 4 qty. Sugar Tablespoon


1. Boil beet-root with a little water until soft. Puree them with a stick hand blender.
2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugar until creamy.
3. Add olive oil, milk and beet root puree and continue to whisk.
4. In another bowl, whisk sifted dry ingredients, flour and baking powder.
5. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and whisk until combined.
6. Heat up a medium skillet over medium heat and lightly grease it.
7. Pour the mixture with a scoop into a skillet.
8. When the bubbles start to appear on the surface, flip the pancake over and cook 2 more minutes until the other side is golden.
9. Cook all the batter with the same way.
10. Serve lukewarm with your favorite jam.

Footnote: Use eggs and beet-root puree at room temperature. This recipe is the most enjoyable method of eating beet-root. It gives an incredible red color, you don't need to use chemical colorings. It also contains high amount of fiber, folic acid, manganese and potassium.
Tips: Cook pancakes over low heat. You can decrease or increase the amount of sugar up to your taste. You can store the remaining beet-root puree in a closed jar in deep freeze up to 3 months. I boiled 6-7 beet-root and store the remaining puree.
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